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Types of Controller / Driver

Type of DS Controller series
【DS102 / DS112 Series】 There are various types of DS controller series, such as
DS102, DS112, NR, MS, IO, etc. What is the difference between them?

◆ The difference between DS102 and DS112
The input power is different.
The DS102 is for AC power and the DS112 is for DC power.

◆ Differences between NR and MS (at the end of DS102/DS112NR and DS102/DS112MS)
Theis a difference in number of splits that can be switched.
The NR (Normal) type can switch between FULL step and HALF step only, and the MS (Micro Step) type
can switch between 16 steps.

◆ Difference due to the presence or absence of "-IO" at the end
This is a difference due to the presence or absence of general purpose input / output function (I / O).
In addition to the control input / output (CNT-I / O) functions included with all products, this is an
option to add general-purpose input / output functions.

【Control input / output (CNT-IO)】
Outputs the status of the motorized stage. In addition, you can specify the teaching point number
and program number, move the teaching point, and start and stop program driving.
By connecting this CNT-I / O to the I / O of PLC, motorized stage control can be easily performed from PLC.

【General-purpose input / output (I / O)】
A general-purpose input / output function with 16 inputs and 12 outputs for controlling various sensors,
switches, solenoid valves, and indicator lights .
It can be controlled by the handy terminal, control software and communication command.

Type of drivers
There are 2 type of products listed in the catalog, one made by Oriental Motor and one made by Technodrive. What is the difference between them?
Are there any stages that can be used or not?

It is only the difference of whether it is in a case (box type) or not.
As these are all compatible with Suruga Seiki products, there is no problem in selecting either product.
* Please check the instruction manual for details of the functions.