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Old controller-related (Discontinued)

Use of the program created at D200 series controller
I used D200 series until now. I'm thinking about changing to the DS series, but is the program just fine?
* D200 series: D212, D221 to D226, D251 to D256)

The command has been inherited as it is.
However, due to differences in communication speed, etc., it can not always be used as it is.

Also, when using a stage with an electromagnetic brake such as “KS102-30E / Discontinued product”,
special support is available.
Please inquire for price and delivery time.


[D250 series] Can you drive simultaneously?
We have a controller (D250 series) that is currently out of production.
I'm thinking of using it in a new experiment this time, can I drive simultaneously?

The D250 series has no simultaneous drive function.

Connectability of D92 series controller and currently sold motorized stages
I have a controller (D92) that is currently discontinued.
In order to conduct a new experiment this time, we are considering the use of Suruga Seiki's
motorized stage.
I would like to use this controller as it is, but is it compatible with the motorized stages currently
being sold?

The connector on the controller side is different from the one currently sold.
If you have a cable (D70- □-□) that was sold before, you can connect it and use it.

Please contact out sales office about whether the current products can be controlled with D92.