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Function, specifications

[DS102 / DS112 Series] Setting the speed on a sine waveform
[DS102 / DS112 Series]
Is it possible to gradually increase or decrease the speed instead of the fixed speed?

Our controller does not have speed setting function on a sine waveform.

Micro step (MS) compatibility of driver
[Driver] What is micro step compatibility?

It is a function that can set the movement amount per pulse finely by increasing the electrical resolution.
The division number setting is 16 patterns. (1,2,2.5,4,5,8,10,20,25,40,50,80,100,125,200,250)
* However, the actual following capability depends on the product. It is a standard of about 1/20 in the
  linear motion stage. (Not covered by warranty)

[DS102 / DS112 Series] External dimensions
[DS Series] I would like to know the dimensions. Do you have CAD data?

CAD data of the controller is not available. Please refer to the external view of the instruction manual
for the dimensions.

3-axis linear interpolation drive with DSCONTROL-WIN
As for linear interpolation drive, it seems to be up to 2-axis interpolation in the command menu of
Is there any way to do 3-axis linear interpolation?

Direct command input is required to drive 3-axis linear interpolation with DSCONTROL-WIN.
Use the GOLine command (see the instruction manual: p. 83).

* Linear interpolation between links (2nd and 3rd axes, 1st and 6th axes, etc.) is a simple interpolation.
  The start of interpolation is less accurate than between units (axis 1 and axis 2).

How to print out the DSCONTROL-WIN program?
I want to print out the existing program at hand to fix the DSCONTROL-WIN program .
What should I do?

It is possible to print out the data saved in the PC with the save button
on the program screen if it is opened with Notepad.

* At that time, please note that the first line number of the program will be from 1.