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Custom order / remodeling / alteration

Non-standard correspondence such as special order and remodeling
Is it possible to order some customization such as additional machining of tapped holes
in the catalog product?

There are some products that additional work, bracket remodeling, replacement to specified grease, etc.
are possible, but others are not.
We will answer the possibility after hearing your required specification.

Please contact us with the details of the situation (desired custom specification) from the inquiry form.


Additional work on stainless steel stage
Is it possible to order additional work on the manual X-axis stage made of stainless steel (BSS16-80C)

Products with stainless steel stages are not available for additional work.

Remodeling of manual stage and installation of motors in-house
We want to change the manual stage into motorized stage by adding motors. Is there any problem with it?

The product is not intended to be modified by the customer.
Improper accuracy, product wear, deterioration, etc. may occur.

Adding a connecting block (BDL-40) to Rack Rail Dovetail Stage
We would like to know how to purchase a connecting block (BDL-40) added to Rack Rail Dovetail Stage.

We can take special order in such case.
Please contact our sales office close to you.

* For your information, we do not sell only the connecting block(BDL-40).

Can we change the position of clamp/micrometer by ourselves?
As for manual stage of the linear ball guide and cross roller, can we change the position of clamps
or micrometers and make it left-right symmetry by ourselves?

If the customer changes the clamp to the other side, the top plate and the clamp plate may interfere
with each other and may cause scrape.
Therefore, we do not recommend to do so.