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Function / How to use

Will the stage follow if we turn the micrometer backward?
Will the carriage of the stage follow (return to original point) if we turn the micrometer backward?

Yes, it will follow (return to the original point). The mechanism is to push it back by spring.

Flatness of mounting objects and mounted location
Is there any requirement for flatness of the mounting objects (workpiece) or mounting location?

Mounting an object with a rough surface or attaching it to a surface with a rough surface will deform
the stage surface and may affect the accuracy. 
(The standard of flatness is within 10 μm.)
Please confirm the flatness of the monting object and the mounting location.

Loaner of demo unit or sample unit for verification
We are considering purchasing a manual stage.
I would like to borrow a demo machine (sample machine) in advance and perform verification.
Is this possible?

Yes, it is possible.
Please contact our sales office with your desired product model, quantity, usage period
and delivery address.
* Please note that we may not be able to prepare the exact model, depending on the type and quantity
   of the requirement.
* and in lending, because there may not be available depending on the model and quantity,
   please understand.


Z axis stage without bracket
Although we consider using the manual stage in the Z-axis direction (vertical use), the brackets
will be made in-house, so it is not required.
Is it possible to purchase Z axis stage without bracket?

The configuration of the Z axis stage is "X axis stage + Z axis bracket".
Therefore, each stage can be purchased separately as an X-axis stage.

Example. BSS36-60A → "X-axis stage: BSS16-60AZ" + "Z-axis bracket: ASS60Z-1"

I want to move the manual stage more finely
How can the manual stage operate more finely than a standard micrometer?

For BSS, BSB and B11 series, some models have feed mechanism option of a coarse/fine motion
micrometer (minimum reading 0.5 μm) or a fine pitch feed screw (0.25 mm/one knob rotation).

For dovetail stages, there is a type with a coarse and fine movement handle.
* BDLXB ・ B06-11BM ・ B05-11BM etc