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Repair service in case of failure or damage
The bracket was bent when I dropped the stage.
I would like to request a repair. What should I do?

We will take the actual machine to see if there is a problem other than the bracket and then
we will make a judgment of repair availability and present a repair quote.
After receiving a repair instruction (ordering), we will start the repair work.

Please contact our sales office, as we will ask you about the symptoms, and will provide shipping address
and management No., etc.


Is there a charge for making a repair quote?
I would like to make a decision after getting the repair quotation.
Does it cost to have repair quote after sending the actual machine?

In principle, no expenses will be charged to customer.

Additional work found during repair work
The repair quote states that additional work may occur after the start of work. In that case,
will the quote amount change?

In some cases, it may become clear that additional work is necessary during replacement / adjustment work.
In that case, we will inform you of the amount of change and the number of work days, and we will start
working after your acceptance of additional work.