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Connection / configuration example / Instruction Manual

Minimum requirements for moving an motorized stage?
We are considering using an motorized stage. 
What do we need besides the stage to actually move it?

◆ When using our recommended stepping motor controller (DS102 / 112)
[Operation with the handy terminal]
1) Motorized stage
2) Cable to connect between stage and controller
3) Handy terminal (DT100)

[Operation with PC]
1) Motorized stage
2) Cable to connect between stage and controller
3) Cable to connect PC and controller (RS232C cable or USB cable)
* When using a publicly available product of RS232C: D100-R9-2,
  USB: DS100-USB-1.8 RS232C cable,
  it is necessary to check the connection (cross cable)

motorized stage connection example
How to control an Motorized stage with 3 axes or more with Suruga Seiki controller
(DS102 / DS112)
I'm thinking of purchasing Suruga Seiki controller (DS102 / DS112) and 4-axis of motorized stages. 
How do I connect and use it? Do I need two controllers?

To control 4 axes, 2 of our controllers are required.
Connect the controllers with a dedicated link cable (model: DS100-LINK2-0.5).
Only one handy terminal is required, since commands to the controller are issued only
to the controller set as the master unit.

Instruction manual of the controller and driver
I would like to know the detailed specifications of the controller (DS series) and other drivers
sold by Suruga Seiki. Do you have any documents?

The instruction manual can be downloaded from the web site of Suruga Seiki.

Instruction Manual down load