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Origin sensor / limit sensor

How to change the limit sensor position of KS402 series
The motorized rotary stage "KS402-75" is described in the catalog that the position of the shielding
plate for the limit sensor can be changed. Please tell me how to adjust it.

There are clamps with M3 bolt for shielding plate on the stage carriage.
In the catalog drawing, it is close to the limit sensor switch box.
When the clamp is loosened, the protruding parts around stage carriage become movable.
When these protrusion parts are moved, the shielding plate can be adjusted .
Once the position of shielding plate is determined at any angle, tighten the clamp of the shielding plate
on the stage carriage.

* Please apply the following torque for tightning the set bolt:
  KS402-75: 5cN・m、KS402-100: 25cN・m

Origin return for 2 sensor stages with D70 controller
I have a controller (model: D70) that was sold by Suruga Seiki in the past.

As I have a motorized stage with 2 sensors (limit sensors only) and a cable to connect to the controller,
I tried to use the D70 controller, but origin return did not work.

The D70 can not perform origin return on a 2-sensor motorized stage.

When D70 controller was sold, we were not selling motorized stages without origin sensor.
Therefore, it does not support origin return operation for motorized stage with limit sensors only
(without origin sensor).

■ 2-sensor stages
· KXL series (when origin sensor option is not selected)
· KRB series (The current products KRB04017C and KRB06011C have 3 sensor specifications.)

What is the slit origin sensor (ORG2, ORG)?
What is the slit origin sensor (ORG2 / ORG)?

The slit origin sensor (ORG2 / ORG) is a type of origin sensor that mounts a disk with slits
on the rotating shaft of the motor and detects the position of the slits with a photomicro sensor.

After detecting the origin sensor (ORG1 / NORG) of the stage main body, origin return is performed based
on the step angle of the motor.

* Some products have only CW / CCW limit sensor depending on the model.
  In that case, origin return is performed based on the limit sensor.

* Except for the KXS & KS102 series, the slit origin sensor can not be used with the standard cable
  supplied with the motorized stage.
  A separate dedicated cable is required (D214-2- ● EA (K), D214-2- ● RA (K)).