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Others: Cautions when using

Loaner of demo machine (sample product)
I am considering purchasing an automatic stage.
I would like to borrow a demo machine (sample machine) in advance and perform verification.
Is this possible?

Yes, it is possible.
Please contact our sales office with your desired product model, quantity, usage period
and delivery address.
* Please note that we might not be able to prepare depending on the type and quantity.


No bracket for Z-axis stage
Although we are considering using the motorized stage in the Z-axis direction (vertical use),
the bracket is not necessary because it is attached directly to the wall.
Is it possible to purchase the Z axis stage without built-in bracket?

The configuration of the Z axis stage is "X axis stage + Z axis bracket".
Therefore, each stage can be purchased separately as an X-axis stage.

Example. KZL06030-N1-C → "X-axis stage: KXL06030-N1-C" + "Z-axis bracket: AZTW60A-140"

Role of knob (turn) attached to motor
There is a black knob (turn) on the motor of the motorized stage. What is this for?

The knob is used to move the stage manually when the power is off.
Depending on the product, when installing the motorized stage, it is necessary to turn the knob
when the power is off and move the top plate until the bottom plate mounting holes come out.

I want to use an motorized stage as a power source
Can you use an motorized stage as a power source?

Our motorized stage is for precise positioning of objects placed on a table.
It cannot be used for applications as a power source because there is a risk of deterioration of life,
accuracy, failure or damage.