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How to use the optical sensor

HRAD/Measurement of external light source
Can the autocollimator H900 (HRAD) measure external light source?
HRAD can not measure external light source.
Measurement of rough surface objects
When I put laser on a non-specular object, the monitor can not detect the reflected light.
Can't you measure this workpiece?
The laser autocollimator can not collect the reflected light from the scattering / curved surface
and can not measure it directly.
By placing a parallel mirror on the measurement surface, it is possible to obtain specular reflection
and capture inclination.
Can you measure the distance with an autocollimator?
Can I measure distance with an autocollimator?
The autocollimator is a measuring device that measures inclination, so it can not measure
distance or length.
Measurement of the angles of multiple reflected lights?
Is it possible to measure the angles of multiple reflected lights by the auto-collimator?
Please use the processing unit HIP-1200. The reflected lights up to three points can be measured
with numbering.