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Operation conditions and usage

Optical beam shutter
Questions about the use of optical beam shutter.

Optical beam shutter is not sold as of March 14, 2019

Q1) Is there any influence on the opening / closing operation if the mirror is attached to the shading plate?
A1) Please do not do that, because the shading plate will stop opening / closing.

Q2) Please tell me the laser damage threshold of the shading plate.
A2) Durability test is not performed because just low power laser is assumed.
     For reference, the shading plate is a black anodized aluminum material.

Q3) How many times is the endurance of the opening and closing action?
A3) F116 series is about 20,000 times, and the F573 series is about 1 million times.
     However, since it is a value calculated from the durability of internal parts, it is not a guaranteed value.

Q4) As we intend to control with our own controller, please tell us the polarity.
A4) There is no polarity.

Standard of screw ring and resin ring
What are the standard for screw rings and resin rings?
Is it possible to use it for other companies' products?

Because it is manufactured to our standard, there is a possibility that it can not be used for
other companies' products.

Material of base (breadboard / adapter etc)
What is the material of the base?
Is the material of the breadboard or adapter magnetic?

The material is nonmagnetic because it is aluminum.

Operating conditions of magnet base
When the plate of magnetic material was placed on the magnet base, the magnetizing force
(adhesion force) became weak.
Do you have any countermeasures?

Insert a "nonmagnetic plate" with a thickness of 3 mm or more between the magnet base
and the magnetic plate.
By blocking the magnetic force, the original performance of the magnet base can be exhibited.

Operating environment of optical tables
The optical table (anti-vibration table) will be used in a humid environment.
Is there any influence on the performance?

It is not recommended to use in humid places as some parts may have rust.

Laser damage threshold of the optical element
What is the laser damage threshold of optical elements?

There is no definition of laser damage threshold.
The optics listed in the catalog assume low laser power.
Therefore, when using a high power laser or short pulse laser, the surface of the optical element
may be damaged.

In addition, if the optical element is exposed to the laser for a long time, the surface may change like
stains, so it is recommended to shut off the laser when it is not necessary.