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Custom order / remodeling

Support for custom-made holder
Are special order mirror holders available?

It is available. Please contact our sales office with your desired specifications.
* We might not be able to offer, depending on the specification or quantity.


Holder grease replacement
Is it possible to change the grease for feed screw of the mirror holder to vacuum grease?

Special order is available.
However, the feeling of operation of the feed screw tends to be heavier than standard products.

Availability of custom-made Breadboard
Is it possible to produce free-size breadboards that are not in the catalog standard?

Yes, it is possible.
Please let us know your desired size and tap hole information.
The maximum manufacturable dimensions are up to 800 x 1,000 mm.


Custom-made table (anti-vibration table and optical surface plate)
Is it possible to produce custom-made sizes for vibration isolation tables or optical plates?

It is possible to produce.
Please let us know the target model and size.
* It might be difficult depending on size and specifications


Ventilation fan to the assembly type dark room
Can I have a ventilation fan installed in assembly type dark room?

Special order is available. Please contact with our sales office.